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Branch Director:

Prof. dr. ing. habil Ioana Ionel

Director departament MMUT
Facultatea de Mecanica
Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara
Email: Phone: +40 256 403670
Fax: +40 256 403669

Prof.univ.dr. Stela Dragulin

Facultatea de Muzica
Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov
Email: Phone: 0744-321 206

Responsabil web:

Drd. ing. Vetres Ion

Facultatea de Mecanica
Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara
Email: Phone: +40 (256) 403746

The 36th ARA Congress

On behalf of the President of ARA, Prof. Ion Paraschivoiu, we would like to extend our invitation to you to join us at the 36th Annual ARA Congress.

Libera Università Mediterranea Jean Monnet, Bari, Italy, has agreed to host the Congress which is being planned from 29th of May to 3rd of June, 2012. Rector of LUM Jean Monnet, Prof. Emanuele Degennaro, will be the Honorary Chairman of the 36th ARA Congress.

Official program of The 35th ARA Congress

Welcome and enjoy the ARA35 program and events!

Please consult the program proposal and let us know about major inconveniences. Please note that at least a presenter must be present. A strict evidence is hold, for a best organisation! Please register first according to the program where locations and time table are indicated!

Please note to announce all modification in the scheduled program, due to unavailability or objective reasons. The announcements will be then officially updated in the program.

Have a nice and fruitful stay in our host city and in the POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara, and feel the spirit of ARA!

Download official program

Important informations

Dear all

as a decision of ARA and the local organisers, in order to contribute to a better dissemination of the information and ideas of the congress and improve the quality of the congress, all the accepted papers will be published under the Printing House Presses internationales POLYTECHNIQUE.

  • one volume of proceedings comprising the sent papers in English
  • one CD with the papers in Romanian or other languages.

Both are having equal value and separate ISBN.

From 158 papers sent and uploaded in the web site, 105 papers have been accepted, after reviewing.

By this way we express the gratitude to all contributors and thank the authors and their involvement and dedication to the spirit of ARA! Special thanks to all participants!

PostHeaderIcon Welcome

ARA was founded in 1975 in California by a group of romanian intellectuals residing in USA. Every year, ARA organizes a Congress that provides an open forum for intellectuals to present their ideas and achievements in fields such as literature, philosophy, medicine, social sciences, arts, engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry etc. The highlight of the annual congress is its Proceedings which is published on an annual basis.

Since 1975, ARA has had Honorary members amongst very well known personalities like: the writers Eugen Ionesco and Virgil Gheorghiu, the philosopher Mircea Eliade or presentely the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, Prof. George E. Palade.

Now after 29 years, ARA has a dedicated following of about 56 Honorary Members, 119 Full Members, 81 Corresponding Members and 8 Benefactors. Their valuable support is a great asset for ARA.

PostHeaderIcon Area of activity

The areas of activity in which ARA is involved are:

  • Law. Politics.
  • Philosophy. Theology.
  • History. Anthropology.
  • Linguistics. Literature.
  • Economy. Environment.
  • Biology. Medicine.
  • Engineering. Applied Mathematics.
  • Physics. Chemistry.
  • Arts and Education


March 07, 2010
Romanian ARA brach homepage was born.

March 09, 2010
The American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences With the support of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation Announces The 34th ARA Congress "Scientific Research - Security - Sustainable Development Connections"organized by the "Carol I" National Defense University.

July , 2011


The American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences sesion will take place in Timisoara
organized by the Mechanical Faculty with the help of Prof. Ioana Ionel.

May , 2012


The American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences sesion will take place in Bari
organized by the Libera Università Mediterranea Jean Monnet. Rector of LUM Jean Monnet, Prof. Emanuele Degennaro, will be the Honorary Chairman.